Freedom,Time & Privacy

Koobeca is the first FTP based social network

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What is Koobeca and FTP social network ?

Social Networks today are part of what is called "The Attention Economy" . That means that their business model is based on getting your attention as much as possible.

Koobeca is not based on attention, rather it is a clean social networking service for your benefit.

You can enjoy the useful features that allow you to share,communicate & socialize easily without being manipulated all the time to pay your attention to our service.

Also your privacy is important to us and since our model is not based on harvesting information on our users, your privacy is much more safe with us.

Last but not lease is our commitment to freedom of speech, which is a fundamental human right. It reinforces all other human rights.

In Koobeca you will get social network service similar to those you get for "Free" in other social media, but without the active engagement pressure that is enforced on you due to the ad based business model.

Our business model will be eventually based on subscription (roughly $1-2/month) to cover our ability to provide good service without running ads.

Just for comparison $5 a month that is somehow what Facebook is making on average per user (2018), and they  need to spend huge operating costs.
So the numbers make sense.

Regarding time spent on social media, on Facebook alone, people spend about 25 hours a month. So even if we can save you 10% of this wasted time , that's probably will worth you much more than $2.

And that's not mentioning your priceless privacy & other commitments we have for keeping a strong freedom values.


Think about it. If you just pay for our generic social media services, we are not concerned with knowing so much about you, as companies who run targeted ads do.we have a different DNA.

You can start right now.

We are still on Beta phase so for the moment there is no subscription fee at all !

it is pretty simple . Just get the App and create account.



See you in Koobeca :)

Freedom,Time & Privacy

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